All your tricky questions answered!

How did we find Purnon?
How much is this all going to cost? Do we live here?
Do we have children? What does success look like?

.. and all your very tricky questions answered!

The incredible sectrets behind these doors

Join us as we share with you the incredible secrets behind the doors of the Communs Ouest

The rebirth of the Château roof

It’s been 250 years since the Château was first constructed and over time her roof has become terribly degraded. The work to restore the Château roof is now incredibly urgent and very complex.

Join us as we share with you the rebirth of the roof of Château de Purnon through a series of interviews with our artisans.

The most important day of the year

is here!

It’s a year in the making to prepare Château de Purnon each year to open for the public for the Journées du Patrimoine. This year we share with you for the first time the ups and downs of preparing for the most important weekend of the year for the Château.

La restauration du château de Purnon

chef d’œuvre du XVIIIe siècle

À l’occasion des Journées européennes du patrimoine 2022, la Direction régionale des affaires culturelles de Nouvelle-Aquitaine vous propose une découverte patrimoniale méconnue. Au Nord de la région, dans le département de la Vienne, Tim et Felicity se sont lancés dans une aventure hors normes pour restaurer et sauver le château de Purnon. Le reportage vous emmène dans les coulisses de cette histoire passionnante qui illustre la difficulté de conservation et de restauration du patrimoine français. Une restauration qui est financée à hauteur de 60% par le ministère de la Culture/DRAC Nouvelle-Aquitaine.

We have a Huge announcement!

We have a HUGE announcement concerning the future of Château de Purnon!

Reality Hits!

It’s been 250 years since the Château was constructed and the gradual deterioration in the condition of the roof has had a ruinous impact on the second floor. Visit the inside of the Château for the very first time as Felicity gives an impromptu tour of the ruined second floor.

From Revolution to Restoration

Château de Purnon’s 250 year history and secrets revealed for the first time.

Château de Purnon's rare Éolienne Bollée

Join us for a view from the top of Château de Purnon’s rare Éolienne Bollée.

Only 103 more rooms to go!

Bedroom & Bathroom reveal.


With heartfelt thanks to our wonderful partners for sharing our passion and supporting the restoration:


Wallpaper – Farrow & Ball
St Antoine

Paint colours – Farrow & Ball
Hardwick White – Dead Flat
Drop Cloth – Dead Flat
Pointing – Dead Flat
Off Black – Dead Flat

Bed Linen – Yves Delorme
Triomphe Bedding Set – Triomphe
Quilted Coverlet Pierre – Triomphe
Coverlet Noisette – Mohair
Decorative Pillow Noisette – Mohair


Hard Yakka



Wallpaper – Farrow & Ball

Paint colours – Farrow & Ball
Hardwick white – Estate Eggshell
Drop Cloth: Estate Eggshell
Pointing – Dead Flat
Off Black – Estate Eggshell

Toilet – Hudson Reed
White Traditional Round Floor Standing Toilet Pan with High Level Cistern and Wooden Seat

Bathtaps – Hudson Reed
Traditional Freestanding Crosshead Bath Shower Mixer Tap with Hand Shower

Radiator – Hudson Reed
Traditional Towel Warmer with Drying Rail

Towels – Yves Delorme
Etoile – Pierre

Candles & Fragrances – Yves Delorme
Fig tree room fragrance

A delicate operation!

For the first time in her 250 year history Purnon is getting enormous new corniche stones. Join us as the nearly 800kg stone blocks hang precariously high above the château as they are carefully and precisely maneuvered into place.

What were we thinking?

How did it come to be that we made a life changing decision to buy a crumbling 18th century French château?

Shaping the history of the Château

We continue to shape the history of the Château as we visit our stonemason’s atelier to witness the new facade stones being cut and shaped.

130 million years in the making!

It’s taken nature 130 million years to make the stones which will be used to restore the facades of the Château. Join us as we visit the quarry with our stonemasons to choose the exact stone to be used in the restoration of the Château facades.

A monumental week in the history of the Château

It’s been a monumental week here in the history of the Château with the commencement of the removal of the 47,000 slate tiles which cover the roof!

Saving the chapel statues

A nerve-racking day removing the chapel statues, which have been in place for nearly 250 years, to ensure they are protected during the chapel restoration works.

Saving the Chai

It was a nervous morning here at Purnon! In order to save the Chateau chai (barrel room) we needed to allow a large barn wall to fall down safely. The barn was falling and pulling the chai down with it.

Our first year!

It’s been one year since we arrived at the Château and what a year it’s been!

We hope you enjoy some of our favourite memories.

France 2 interview

Voici the recent France 2 report with English subtitles.

An emotional reunion

Eliane Autin was born and raised in a small apartment the eastern outbuilding of the château. Here she revisits her former home for the first time in over 60 years and shares with us her childhood memories of growing up at Purnon.