Hidden for centuries and at risk of being lost forever, The Purnon Papers bring back to life 5 rare wallpapers uncovered at the château.

Hand crafted by Farrow & Ball using traditional techniques, the very finest ingredients and Farrow & Ball’s heritage paints.



This elegant wallpaper was discovered on an 18th century folding screen, where it would have been used as a room divider to create intimate spaces during grand banquets hosted at the château.

The original wallpaper was hand painted to feature a captivating heron motif.

Farrow & Ball have named this wallpaper Purnon to honour this paper’s historical significance.

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A faded fragment of this stunning 18th century floral wallpaper was unearthed in the château attic.

Over time we discovered it originally crowned the bed of Madame de la Motte Baracé’s mother.

Farrow & Ball have named this exquisite paper in her honour.

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The discovery of this 18th century wallpaper in a small room in the château was the inspiration behind the collection The Purnon Papers.

This alluring geometric pattern wallpaper was uncovered under multiple layers of more recent wallpapers.

Farrow & Ball have named this paper Achard in honour of the noble family who built the château.

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This delicate floral wallpaper was found in a private dressing room in the château.

Farrow & Ball have named this paper Auguste in honour of the eldest son of the Marquis who built the château.

A classmate of Napoléon Bonaparte, Auguste was expected to inherit the château but did not survive the Revolution.

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